Alaska Highway Alaska Highway Alaska Highway Alaska Highway
  • Liard River Hot Springs British Columbia

    Liard River Hot Springs

    The Liard River Hot Springs are located within Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, and are the second largest hot springs in Canada, and ranked among the top five hot springs in the country. Traditionally used by Athapaskan and Kaska peoples, the hot springs are still known as a gathering place for travellers to exchange stories.

  • Alaska Highway Construction Mackenzie King Pierrepont Moffat

    In Command

    By 1942, when the American military determined that a road was needed through northwestern Canada to Alaska, four proposed routes were considered. The route chosen in the end was an unofficial fifth proposed route that followed the already established Northwest Staging Route, a chain of airfields built through northwestern Canada.

  • Alaska Highway Construction African American Regiment Charlie Lake British Columbia 1942

    African American Regiments

    The Second World War was a period of continuing racial prejudice. Many officers in the US Army believed that African Americans should be kept out of combat missions and should not congregate in bases located near American towns. This made the option of using African American men for highway construction in a remote area appealing to the military.

  • Teslin River Bridge Alaska Highway Yukon

    Teslin River Bridge

    Two kilometres north of Teslin is the Teslin River Bridge that spans the Teslin River – a major Yukon river. The 446.95 m (1,466.4 foot) long cantilever bridge is the only original (PRA construction) steel bridge left on the southern Yukon stretch of the Alaska Highway.

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